Lahore roads are full of motorcycles while the roads are not fit for them. During the rush hour traffic, it is often seen that three or more persons are riding the motorcycle which is against the law. In fact, separate lanes duly marked are needed to make some sense on the roads that are packed by motorcycle riders riding without any helmets and driving like maniacs. In fact, the speed of motorcycles needs to be restricted by the manufacturer in the not so distant future.

It would be difficult to ply cars on roads that are occupied totally by motorcycles. The government should make plans either to restrict the number of motorcycles or be ready for loss of life on Lahore’s roads. Motorcycle drivers observe no traffic rules and flit here and there on roads posing a risk for motorists. Even sweepers are seen with a broom on the back seat or a lawn mower being carried smugly by the M.C. drivers.


Lahore, October 22.