Hold on to your popcorn, for the theatre isn’t going away. In the wake of the Hamid Khan train wreck post-mortem, nothing is a given: the legal community stands divided over whether the PTI has a case to get the Prime Minister disqualified or not. Half insist the burden of proof is now on the defendants, with the other half insisting otherwise. Most are great legal minds, mind. But before the postmortem, the hilarity of court proceedings and judicial remarks merits some mention (though everyone and their aunt has heard or read them).

About six thousand pages of ‘evidence’ were presented to the court by the PTI’s legal team headed by Hamid Khan, most of which the court declared as ‘raddi’ (a precise Urdu term that refers to recyclable junk without an exact equivalent in English) with regard to its relevance to the case at hand. As the remarks from the courtroom began to be reported in the media, social media lit up with derision. And the political cartoons this particular remark gave rise to in the hereafter of Hamid Khan, is a story in itself.

At one point, apparently, the judges asked the PTI’s team whether they planned to submit anything other than the Arabian Nights tales, and actually connected to the case. Predictably, the youthians turned on their own man, Hamid Khan. It was so bad, political adversaries had to come to his defence, a common refrain being, ‘he is one of the greatest and most accomplished legal minds in the country; the fault lies not in Hamid but his brief (stars)’. The brief being to argue and win a case bereft of evidence. One prominent and respected legal mind said that the PTI legal team’s only fault was not to have told the PTI leadership point blank they didn’t have a case.

At one point, during Hamid Khan’s attempt to read in full the Prime Minister’s three speeches on the issue after the leaks broke, one of the honourable judges pleaded with him to try and focus on the case at hand, telling him that the Prime Minister’s entire life was not on trial but only the question of the four flats in London. The youthians’ ire reportedly became so vile as to make Hamid Khan make a run to save his reputation and resign from pleading the case.

Now the popcorn. Mr. Imran Khan took off for London, and the judges announced the 29th of November as the next hearing date for the case, effectively trolling PTI (that’s the date their #ThankYouRaheelSharif retires). In the meantime, the PTI is scrambling to find a new great mind to head their legal team. Many have offered advice on television and through their statements. Most of these belong to the PPP. But yesterday, the PPP gave the first indicator of how the wind blows by announcing that Aitezaz Ahsan will not be representing the PTI in court, though he remains free to ‘offer advice’.

So what will the PTI do now? Only God and Imran Khan know. But their options have been limited by the PPP. It’s not going to be pretty theatre, but it will be theater that proves to be the best medicine: laughter. Given the recent deluge of literature on laughter being actually the best medicine, we have prospects ahead of reaping benefits more than one from this epic farce.

Anyway, the talk shows (Dr Danish variety) seem all to be coming to naught. IK will remain on the roads forever, it seems, or in the courts. Life will go on. The caravan will keep moving on while the …..

Side note: the Dr Danish variety have also begun to curse the outgoing army chief for not huffing and puffing the entire system down. My cheerful condolences to them.