WASHINGTON: Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is under "active consideration" to serve as US Secretary of State along with other candidates, Vice President-elect Mike Pence said on "Fox News Sunday."

Romney, who met President-elect Donald Trump on Saturday, was a critic of Trump during the campaign. Pence said that Romney was willing to be considered for the position.

Trump was "very grateful that Governor Mitt Romney came in. They had a good meeting. It was a warm and a substantive exchange and I know he is under active consideration to be secretary of state along with some other distinguished Americans."

But Democrats were skeptical that Romney is an actual contender. Representative Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, said on CNN on Sunday that he would love Romney to get the position and he would be a "consummate diplomat."

"But I think it's a total head fake. I think this is Donald Trump still being the entertainer, still running a show where he wants to build suspense and he alone knows who the contestant will be the winner. It's more of a nod to the appearance of bringing people together."