It is indeed, only quality education, not run of the mill type of education, that can make life feel truly worthwhile. It starts with reflection but when I reflect on the recent admission advertisement of one Islamabad-based public sector varsity which invited admission forms for its newly launched graduation level programs in a social science subjects, the post graduate degree holders are already wandering from a pillar to post in search of a job, reportedly thousands of aspirant boys and girls applied and paid Rs.3000 or so amount for the admission form and other requirements.  

Hardly 30 boys and girls will be given admission in the said programmer with dim and dull future prospects. Charging the above-mentioned amount for only an Admission Form, Is this teaching? Service to nation? Or organised cheating done at the behest of students’ and their parents’ future? What quality education should one expect from such educational institutions which operate as money minting machines or mafias? This sordid state of affairs in the educational institutions across the country is calling for accountability from the Vice Chancellors, Registrars, faculty members, administrative staff, among others, many of them emerged as millionaires. Who will initiate accountability in this lawless land? 


Islamabad, October 21.