We as a nation have multiple problems and challenges, which include terrorism, economy in shambles, heavy external and internal borrowing, USA demands of “do more”, Indian interference with a billion of dollars in support to separatists in Baluchistan through RAW and NSD, Afghanistan-supplying death to Pakistan every day, Indian violation at Eastern border and PM Modi lobbying against Pakistan and CPEC.

These challenges can only be handled with national unity, which is not visible throughout the country. This political polarisation is increasing tremendously, which is going to be ultimately harmful to Pakistan and we are not doing justice to our coming generation by creating a polarised society. Nation needs unity and political forces need to demonstrate one face to give hope to the disappointed nation.

The blame game and disrespect to constitution is at the peak and unfortunately the rule of law has become a dream of the people of Pakistan and the masses feel continuously harassed and lost. Question is being asked in the streets that what is going to happen but with no concrete response. The rumours have taken over the public talks / newspapers and evening unannounced trial courts with self-designed investigators/ prosecutors and judges and trial period is only one hour when mostly the poor accused is not present in the said media courts?

I feel this media trial and projection of unconfirmed news are harming the political harmony. I am travelling now by PK 0368 from Karachi to Islamabad where most of the MNAs are fellow travellers to attend the NA and they have also the same question. They are not sure that they will be able to travel to Islamabad to attend the session any more. I am inspired by the suggestion of Mr Wasan, a young MNA sitting next me to write this article and I can see his worried face for democracy too.

This is the frame of mind of our parliamentarian and the Parliament is considered to be supreme body but I am unhappy to observe the disappointment in their faces and in fact this utter disappointment can be seen on the face of every common man.

It is important to analyse as to where as a nation have we gone wrong? And where this government has misfired to drive the country to this level?

Historically speaking, all governments have been facing such issues but handling the political and administration challenges is the responsibility of the government in the larger interest of the country and its people. When the sitting government loses their head then ultimate outcome is always seen in its ouster with a special designed strategy like it happened in 1999.

We as party had experienced worst situation than PMLN and as former Interior Minister I am witness to efforts that have averted many such like situations, which includes Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri’s Dharna, KL bill, memo-gate, daily basis torture by the CJP, arrests of our federal ministers under the then CJP orders, post shock of SMBB shahadat, unjustified ouster of PM Gillani / operation against terrorists and many incidents but my oath is not allowing me to pen all of them down.

Our leadership under President Asif Zardari had decided to follow the constitution and decided to confront the challenges constitutionally and legally. I was part of the consultation for the selection of the next PM and President Zardari demonstrated brave and wise face and did not leave any room for any debacle for the government.

We were not overconfident but cautious in our moves despite it was in our notice as to who used to meet whom in dark night on odd hours and where including wearing the black coat by Nawaz Sharif to appear in the Supreme Court at petitioner against our government, which the public has not forgotten.

Despite having faced unreasonable and undemocratic attitude yet PPP came forward to save the democracy to frustrate the empire of “the player” during his 126-days long Dharna in front of the Parliament and the Supreme Court. PPP even today wants the present government to complete its constitutional tenures like PPP did.

PMLN Leadership did not play wise and their unwise decision to confront with the courts and other institution was a political and unforgivable blunder, which has landed PMLN in particular and the country in general in trouble. The PMLN leadership has not learnt any lesson from its dismissal in 1999 and continued to assert itself leading toward authoritarian way of governance. The on-going confrontation and confusion within the ranks of PMLN has further deteriorated the political situation and has created a situation leading to the rocking of the ship of democracy.

I wish PMLN had followed our model to complete its tenure. It should have avoided adventures like Dawn Leaks, which has acted like a catalyst to increase the difficulties of PMLN. If something happens to democracy this time then the people reasons to blame PML N because of unwarranted confrontation with the institutions while we are facing numerous internal and external threats.