LAHORE - The four-day 9th International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies for Development (ICTD) concluded yesterday.  

The conference was attended by more than 200 researchers and academia from abroad.  

Prof Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin, chairman of the Punjab Higher Education Commission (HEC), said, “Our education system requires specialised curriculum, which should be market oriented following the model like Informational Technology University (ITU) in Punjab.”  

Dr Nizamuddin said that there was a need to institutionalise reforms in the education sector through researchers and academia by promoting use of ICT for higher education sector. Endeavours should be made to conduct O and A level tests within Pakistan rather than depending on other countries, he added.  

He stated that only in Punjab province 6,000 engineers were produced every year with 30 percent job opportunities and same was the number for doctors. Other allied staff, like technicians, were not being produced.  

Giving a comparison of access to higher education, the HEC chairman said in Pakistan 9 to 10 percent people have access to higher education, Bangladesh 23 percent and India 30 percent. He said that ICT had significantly contributed to health and primary education sectors and this contribution needed to be extended to higher education as well. Private sector is making profit out of education, but its quality is questionable, he said.