Being a keen observer of society and surrounding, I often find that most of the people in society get halted by the perception of being failure. Many shining stars who could do more than their ability level only resist because of fear form failure. In Pakistan I personally think that this issue strikes a lot.

We should all really know that Failure is nothing to be feared about, it’s all our perceptions and imaginations that drive us to be fidgeted or crazy. Failure is actually the part of our lives. We should not get paralyzed by its fear. Most successful legends in history must have used their failure as a rallying point and mean of refocusing the pathway towards success.

Actually to be failed over and over again is the success!

People, who don’t move ahead because of this limping fear, must recognize that failure is the part of creative process, those who never fail, have actually done nothing new or tempting in their lives.

Failure is an inevitable part of being successful and true goal achievers don’t quit when they fail. One hallmark of those successful is their ability to fail intelligently, learning why they failed so they can avoid making same mistake again, so our success only depends upon learning lessons from every mistakes and use them as fuel to be closer to ultimate goal. Failure can teach not only what one is doing wrong but also how to do it right next time. It is transformational force for better achievement.

Sometimes failure leads to ultimate success. Actually according to me success requires both persistence and resilience, the ability to bounce back from failure. So subsequently I would say that failure is temporary but quitting is permanent, we should all keep trying until success welcomes us warmly.


Lahore, November 10.