Islamabad High Court has criticized the federal government for not evicting protesters from Islamabad despite court orders. 

During the hearing of Islamabad sit-in by religious parties, Justice Shaukat Aziz asked why government is not doing any thing for eviction. 

"Due to the sit-in, 8 lakh people of Rawalpindi-Islamabad are suffering on daily bases but government is not taking care of it," Justice Aziz remarked. 

The Deputy Attorney General requested court to conduct hearing in private as 'some issues cannot be discussed openly.' Upon this the court remarked that people have right to know about important issues and reasons behind this sit-in. 

Furthermore, Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal reached the court after being called by judge. 

"Why court orders have not been acted upon," the minister was asked by the court. Iqbal told court that there was danger of bloodshed if force was used. 

"We have called meeting of Ulema of Pakistan today and we will reach to a consent today. We just need a bit more time," he told the court.

The court gave two more days to government to end the sit-in. "You will responsible if sit-in continues," the court remarked. 

The court was adjourned till November 23. 

While talking to media outside IHC, interior minister said that government is hopeful for a breakthrough during today's meeting with religious scholars and parties. 

"Some entities want this sit-in to lead to incidents like Lal Masjid and Model Town," interior minister reiterated.