Karachi - Burgeoning encroachments in Cattle Colony (Bhains Colony) are irking road users, both motorists and pedestrians, but the officials of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Anti–Encroachment Department instead of taking action against encroachers are sheltering them to mint money.

The dairy farms’ owners have narrowed down almost all the roads to half, which are not only used for animals but also dumping  buffalo‘s waste.

Offices of some transporters are located at Road No 4 of Cattle Colony such as Warraich Goods Transport, Allah Tawakal Goods Transport and Bismillah Goods Transport, whose heavy vehicles are parked on the road leaving little space for road users.

Moreover, an illegal weighbridge, namely Dastgir Kanta, has been totally built on the government land, including almost half portion of road, allegedly in connivance with some KMC officials.

When asked as to how he managed to install the weighbridge on the public property, its owner Resham Khan said he had given bribe to the KMC Anti Encroachment Department’s Malir Zone official and was also giving him “Bhatta” (commission) on monthly basis.

Therefore, he claimed nobody could not take any action against his weighbridge.

Abdul Hafeez, a road user, said the road had become uneven as a high platform had been built for the weighbridge which was causing severe difficulties for the transporters.

He said in last rainy season a couple of trucks had been capsized due to uneven road.

Another encroacher Abdul Rasheed who had almost built five shops on the nullah by dismantling the drainage system along the illegal weighbridge said he would use his political influence if his invalidly constructed shops were destroyed by the quarters concerned.

He said he had close association with a ruling party for a long time which had been protecting his illegal constructed shops so far.  

Talking to APP, a local politician requesting anonymity said he could not intervene into such matters as it would cost him vote bank in the constituency.

“The officials’ quarters concerned are involved in promoting encroachment for their vested interests,” he said, adding that a businessman could not invest such a huge amount in establishing an illegal weighbridge at the KMC road.

He urged the government to take stern action against the encroachers and also the KMC officials involved in sheltering them.