Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.

–Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy for Presidency on 20th November, 1975. Before this, running for President he had been the Governor of California. Reagan hailed from a poor family and had a maverick portfolio. After graduating from college he worked as a sports announcer until his break his Hollywood where he became part of some famous production. Following this, he spend two terms as President of Labor Unions in America where most of his efforts were directed towards rooting out communist influence in the unions. As President of the United States, Reagan is infamous for leading the neo-liberal agenda in the western world. He believed in the absolute freedom of market and its ability to regulate itself through the invisible hand. Today’s world of neo liberal domination owes much to the vision of Reagan as his presidency was fundamental in ushering this new age of globalization, free trade and unregulated market.