LAHORE - To build 'Earn-effective-human-capital' vision, the Punjab government is supporting over 48,000 industrial and 39,000 small and cottage-size units, under its Punjab Growth Strategy (PGS) 2018, which will bring about an economic revolution in the coming years.

This was stated by a senior official of Planning and Development Department, while talking to APP here on Sunday. He said that the industrial sector of Punjab employs around 23 percent of the province's labour force and contributes 24 percent to the provincial GDP. Almost 90 percent of private enterprises are small and medium in size, which employ 78 percent of the non-agricultural workforce in the province, he added.

The primary focus of the Punjab Growth Strategy is drivers of inclusive growth that are within the provincial domain and affect productivity of firms and farms and their investment decisions. To a question, he said, “To facilitate manufacturing and commercial activity, the PGS-2018 emphasises the importance of managing Punjab's rapid urbanisation so that our cities and towns become more livable and serve as engines of economic growth.”

The strategy has been developed to put Punjab on the path to sustainable economic growth, he added. He said, “Since a majority of Pakistanis reside in Punjab, the prosperity of this province could also be a driver of progress for our nation.”