ISLAMABAD - Responding quickly to Imran Khan’s tweet in which he called Shahid Khaqan Abbasi a puppet prime minister, Maryam Nawaz said not Abbasi but the PTI chief is the real puppet. Are you being ordered to send the tweet that you sent, Maryam asked Imran in her response on Twitter.


Senator Pervaiz Rasheed on Sunday said that Imran Khan was scared of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), and said that his party PTI was in the process of fading away.

He said that it seemed that Imran Khan also wanted to avoid general elections in 2018. Talking to media in Abbottabad, he said that in the upcoming elections,

 PTI would be wiped out of the political scenario while PML-N will emerge as stronger than ever, as not a single PMN-N worker did leave the party and they fully support Nawaz Sharif.

Senator Pervaiz Rasheed said that Imran Khan’s politics has completely failed and people would get rid of the his politics since PML-N was founder party of the country and it had brought the country on the track of progress and development.

He expressed the optimism that in the forthcoming general elections, PML-N would convincingly win, and eventually form Federal and provincial governments in the country.