Lahore (PR) Bayer Pakistan-Crop Science on Monday organised a farmers’ field day in Chichawatni. The event showcased Bayer’s latest seed technology together with high performing seed and crop protection products.

Over 350 farmers from the district and relevant stakeholders received detailed briefings and practical demonstrations of latest seed technology, and learned the importance of adopting agronomic best practices to improve soil quality, water and fertilizer management, crop residue, and efficacy of seeds.

Zahid Ali, a prominent local farmer, appreciated the opportunity provided by Bayer Pakistan to observe the latest developments in agricultural technology. Zahid said that, “On-farm demonstrations and one-to-one interactions with technical experts will go a long way in understanding the importance of adopting new technologies and modern farming methods.”

While briefing the farmers, Bayer Pakistan’s Marketing Lead, Ahmed Ali, emphasised the importance of adopting latest seed technology and good agronomic practices for increased agricultural productivity. “Challenges posed by a growing population, changing climatic conditions and limited natural resources can only be addressed through innovation and improved farming practices. Bayer is committed to helping farmers embrace technologically advanced approaches to agriculture to allow them to produce more food using less natural resources,” Ahmed explained.