Communication is a skill that everyone can learn through practice. Your communication skill is the key to success for your relationships and career. You might have brilliant ideas but if you cannot communicate effectively to others, then these ideas are useless. Effective teams have teammates who are continuously talking to one another and listening to each other. From leader to teammates; teammates to leader and among teammates. There should be clear communication, consistency, clarity and courtesy. Communication is fundamental element for teamwork. The most important instrument of leadership is communication.

Imparting or exchanging of information by speaking or through non-verbal tools are very important in a workplace environment to work efficiently and effectively. The art of communication is language of leadership. Consistency is one of the strongest traits among world greatest leaders. Being consistency lead to many new grounds. Nothing frustrates team members more than the leaders who cannot make up their mind. Leader communication sets the tone for the interaction among the subordinates. Teams are usually reflection of their leaders.

Effective communication is a connection between the people that allow for the exchange of the thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions and leads to mutual understanding. Moreover, effective communication is vital for effective management and to improve industrial relationship. A corporate executive must be in position to communicate with his superiors, colleagues in other departments and subordinates. In a nutshell; effective communication is the key element for developing strong relations.


Lahore, November 4.