Police performance in the province of Punjab has seen a sharp decline in the last year and the number of crimes is increasing due to the lapse in their performance. The government of Punjab needs to immediately take notice of the situation because till now there are 12,000 cases for which no suspect could be identified. The recorded police data shows a number of cases of theft, burglary, kidnappings, and murder which have gone unpunished. This has not only created space for criminals to carry out their activities but has also terrorised the people and created mistrust in the masses regarding the performance of the police force and their reliability.

This means that there is a requirement for performance analysis in the police force. Often, at times, along with the sluggish attitude, many are also complacent in the crimes for earning money. Their performance, as suggested by Punjab Police Inspector General Amjad Javed Saleemi, should be gauged by the number of cases they take in and resolve. Along with that, reforms should also include the careful investigation of cases to ensure no innocents are arrested and no person can influence any case. The military has done everything in their capacity to eradicate terrorism in the country; the police force must now be equipped to do the same.

Trust building activities should be carried out along with granting them better investigative techniques and better salary packages to allow them space to only rely on their jobs. Many parties have also criticised the politicisation of the police force in the province of Punjab. If the economic hub of the country is facing threats, immediate action is required. The anti-riot force being made operations for situations of lawlessness must have upgraded equipment to have an edge in confrontation.