A ‘TEACHER’!! Its a significant and considerable world! It appears so small to many people but it is a word with immense meaning. A teacher is a person who helps us acquire knowledge, education and most importantly moral values. But it’s a conundrum or dilemma of our society that here teachers are not much cherished or admired according to the uphill battle they fight. To sit on chairs and denounce is quiet easy but to stand and convey your disquisition on lecture dice is an entirely antithetical thing.

What is needed in our society is to embold and up lift the competence of teachers so that they can work more systematically. Besides embolding and fortifying, praying regard and respect for teachers is also important. This respect should not be formal but must present in heart. Students are mostly annoyed and exasperate when teachers scold them. They are not aware of the actuality that it’s for their own good. They are even not familiar with the fact that teachers are involuntarily training them to balance with the realities of life.

Teachers try to make students flawless and enlighten them to become the best example. This determination and aspiration makes teaching quite a different profession than others. Our society will boost and elevate only by following such thriving and such a glorious principles.


Lahore, November 5.