The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) stated that it had begun an investigation on the country's two opposition parties to establish if they were receiving foreign funds.

A petitioner from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Farrukh Habib accused the two parties of receiving funds from donors in the United States and the United Kingdom. Habib said that the parties were unwilling to disclose the source of their funding, and also alleged that the PML-N was channeling party funds to launder money out of the country.

"As the petitioner in this case, I will not let the PPP or the PML-N flee," he said.

As per the petition, the commission sent a notice to both the Muslim League and the People's Party. Representatives from both parties will be scrutinized before a committee created by the ECP. 

The opposition, through the Rahbar Committee, recently demanded that the ECP conduct a daily hearing of the PTI's own foreign funding case. The committee's leader, Akram Durrani, criticized the fact that in spite of the case beginning five years ago, little progress has been made in the legal proceedings against the party.