Heart diseases became the leading cause of deaths in Pakistan where an alarming increase has been seen in due to heart diseases. In every passing hour at least 50 patients lost their lives just because failure of heart and cardiac ailments. It is one of the horrifying issues that is being faced by every individual of Pakistan especially in youth that is alarming increasing day by day.

The important factors included lack exercise, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity because they hardly ever undertake physical activities. According to WHO majority of Pakistanis do not participate physical activities which are main reasons of maintaining a healthy and prosperous life. At the absence of these activities, the heart attacks and heart ailments are leading the deaths of the people. In 2016 250000 patients died due to heart attacks. Pakistan is contributing 19 per cent deaths in all over the world and 29 percent are heart attacks and heart ailments which is around 406,870 per year. It is important to noted that vegetables and fruits are the important foods of maintaining a healthy and prosperous because at the absence of hearty foods, people are suffering from such diseases.

Junk food is an another reason which highly increasing heart disease in the country. It is must for every individual to make themselves far from junk foods, chewing tobacco especially Gutka, paan, Naswar, mainpuri, cigarette. Sports and extra curriculum plays variety of significant roles for the development of a healthy. They always keep exercise like football, cricket, cycling, baseball, hockey because they help to be always healthy. Government should take necessary steps to stop tobacco companies and make parks and playground so that people should do exercises regularly.