ISLAMABAD - The opposition’s Rehbar Committee on Tuesday called off the road blockades and anti-government sit-ins being held in various parts of the country in order to “not cause inconvenience to the public”.

Addressing a press conference after an hours-long meeting of the committee, JUI-F leader Akram Khan Durrani directed workers to open all blocked roads starting tonight.

“The committee has decided to open highways across the country,” said Durrani, who is Rahbar Committee’s convener. Durrani said the opposition committee had also decided to call an All Parties Conference (APC).  “Maulana Fazlur Rehman will hold talks with leaders of other opposition parties to decide the date of the conference,” he said.

Instead, he announced, the opposition will hold joint jalsas at the district level as part of its anti-government movement.

As part of the ‘Plan-B’ of the JUI-F-led Azadi March against the government, party workers have been blocking major highways and road links by staging sit-ins across the country since last week.

He said that a long meeting of the committee had been held in which questions were raised and some answers were given. Durrani said that all opposition parties that comprise the committee reiterated their four demands. “The prime minister has to resign and new elections need to be held in the country,” he said.

He said that the committee would suggest names for the Election Commission of Pakistan. “The Rahbar Committee will protest in front of the Election Commission of Pakistan against the foreign funding case,” he said.

He said that the government had gotten nervous after the Azadi March and the protests that followed. He said that no one was ready to take up the mantle of the prime minister in case this government was sent packing. “No one is ready to become the prime minister in case Imran Khan goes home,” he said.

Durrani acknowledged that there were differences among the Rahbar Committee on certain issues. “The Rahbar Committee is made up of nine political parties,” he said. “There can be a difference of opinion on certain issues.”

He said that after the Plan B, there will be no need for another plan. Durrani said the Azadi March and Nawaz Sharif health issue had drove the government on the back foot. “The government has backed into a wall,” he said.