ISLAMABAD    -  The developmental work in sector I-15 and its sub sectors is underway, according to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials.

According to a press release, sector I-15 was neglected for a long time but the CDA’s administration has now started work in this sector. Biddings have been invited for the infrastructure of Sector I-15/1. The earth work and survey of streets and roads of the sector is continued. Besides this, the tender for sector I-15/4 has also been opened.

According to detail, sector I-15 was opened for facilitating the low-income citizens. Despite allotment of plots, the sector lacked proper development. However, the current administration of CDA is committed for the developmental work in the neglected sectors. CDA is implementing the policy of the betterment of infrastructure in sector I-15 and its sub sectors so that the issues being faced by the allottees may be resolved. Tender for I-15 has been issued which will be opened on December 17, 2020. The developmental work will be started in January next year. The tender for sub sector I-15/4 has been opened and development work will be started within two weeks. The development work in sub-sector I-15/3 is already underway, said the officials.