KARACHI - The panelists of a dialogue at two-day “The Future Summit” here on Thursday emphasized on creating environment of self-employment including business start-ups with the best use of technology and innovative ideas.

Parliamentary Secretary on Foreign Affairs in the National Assembly, Andleeb Abbas said after the spread of COVID-19, the nation was faced with two serious threats – loss of life and loss of livelihood.

Prevalence of uncertainty and stress in the backdrop of the pandemic was a serious challenge. “We have to focus on, how to relieve from stress and rise up,” she asserted adding that the people should be trained to look at the beautiful areas and convert hardships into opportunities. Skill development be done on the war footings and it should be diverse to achieve the best results.

She said there was dire need that technology and micro-finance companies to come up with technological and business solutions to support the people, especially the youth, in the post-COVID situation.

The information technology companies needed to create trust among the masses. It had proved that the trusted IT companies had earned revenue three times more than those lacking trust. She said there were only 1600 ventilators amid the fast increasing COVID-19 cases in the country and hospitals were over-crowed with those patients. That had provided opportunity for the private sector to set up ventilators manufacturing plants, high-tech laboratories and other life saving gadgets and drugs.

She said now drones were being used in the world for various constructive purposes like dispatching medicine to remote areas on urgent basis and for spraying pesticides to kill locust. Technology companies should step ahead to earn big profits, along with providing great service to the nation.

The Parliamentary Secretary informed that she had set up a help line with a dedicated team to provide free of cost online consultancy to the people in mental stress after COVID-19 pandemic and many people from different sections of the society had benefited.

Other panelists were Chief Executive Officer Hubco , Khalid Mansoor, Managing Director, Pak-Brunei Investment Company, Aysha Aziz, Muhammad Shoaib from Al Meezan Investment Management Limited, Managing Director of Morsk Pakistan, Aruna Hussain. The Moderator was Paul Keijzer, CEO of Engage Consulting- Malaysia, Pakistan and UAE. 

They also presented their ideas and solutions to manage the post COVID-19 economic and social situation.