After many contradictory statements from Prime Minister and a number of his cabinet members, President Asif Ali Zardari has also added his bit to the confusion about the actual target of the Marriott bombing. Talking to the CNBC, the President categorically said that he and other party leaders were the actual targets in this tragic incident. Questions have naturally been raised that if Mr. Zardari and co were, indeed, the target, how were they saved and if they were, why weren't the others? Regardless of the truth of who was the main target, it would be better for President and Prime Minister not to assemble together in such functions because of security reasons. It is an important precaution considering that terrorists can now so easily penetrate security cordons in official buildings. Sadly, we had learnt nothing from events of the past like the infamous C130 crash. If I recall correctly, it was decided back then that all top officials should never be assembled at one place to avoid a catastrophe of that scale. -DR ALFRED CHARLES, Karachi, via e-mail, October 3.