NEW DELHI (AFP) - Booker Prize winner and Indian activist Arundhati Roy called Sunday for a probe into a police shooting of two Muslim men who authorities have said were behind a string of bombings across India. Anti-terror police acting on a tip-off last month shot dead two suspects living in a Muslim neighbourhood in the Indian capital, allegedly after the men first opened fire on a top police officer who later died. Police went on to identify the slain men, as well as others they later arrested, as the 'masterminds' of little-known militant group Indian Mujahideen that has claimed responsibility for several recent deadly terror attacks. But some Indian politicians, journalists and Muslim leaders have increasingly expressed unease with the police version of events and claims the men were terrorist masterminds. , and are calling for an independent inquiry. "I am just one of the thousands of people who are asking some very serious questions of the police," said Roy in an interview with CNN-IBN Sunday. "I am not saying it's fake. I am saying let's have an inquiry," said Roy, who won the Booker Prize in 1997 for 'A God of Small Things'. "I am not dismissing the fact that, of course, they may be real terrorists. There are real terrorists, (but) who are they, are these boys the real ones?" The pressure has been high on Indian police to find the perpetrators of serial bombings in at least four major cities this year that left 130 dead and many more wounded.