LAHORE - For the first time in the City, a BTS tower (Base Transceiver Station) has been installed within the premises of a mosque with serious health and environmental hazards in the heart of the posh housing scheme of Model Town. Model Town Islamic Trust, a body responsible for managing mosques and two graveyards in the society, has allowed installation of Cellphone towers within the premises of two of its mosques located in A and F Blocks, putting the health of Namazees and nearby residents at risk. BTS towers cause serious environmental hazards besides giving an ugly look to the locality. Operation of generators in the case of power failure causes serious noise and air pollution, further spoiling the peaceful atmosphere of the society. Nearby residents and namazees (devotees) have held the management of Model Town Society responsible for installation of these towers, demanding the President to intervene and ensure their (towers) early removal. It is for the first time that any mosque allowed such an installation with commercial overtones. "BTS towers were installed about seven months back. About six months back, I submitted a request with the MTS President to take notice of installation of these towers in the premises of two mosques surrounded with houses. I only received the information that my request has been forwarded to the Secretary Model Town Islamic Trust for comments. Nothing has been done so far. Installation of these towers has put the health of not only the namazees but also the nearby residents in danger," said Khalid Ikram, former President MTS. Interestingly, the MTS has quite strict rules as far as installing such towers is concerned. As such one hardly comes across these towers in the residential areas. For the local people, installation of huge towers in mosques within the limits of residential areas was most surprising and shocking to some extent. President MTS Tahir Kardar said that the management of Model Town Islamic Trust has been requested and it has agreed in principle not to renew the agreement with the cellular company from the next year. "These mosques are run by Model Town Islamic Trust which is an independent body working since 1930. Even the land, on which the mosques are built, are owned by the trust. As such society has nothing to do with this activity. However, we approached the Model Town Islamic Trust and advised them to do away with these towers. The trust has agreed and assured us that the contract for the next year will not be renewed," Mr Kardar said.