MINGORA - At least 100 extremists have been killed while around 55 received critical injuries when the army jets and copters pounded the suspected hideouts of extremists in Kabal, Matta of Swat and border areas, reports said on Sunday. A security personnel also died when the convoy of law enforcers was hit by a remote control device in the area. Some 20 houses and a mosque were also damaged during the operation. Major casualties happened in Sahara Bar Thana area where an ammunition store of Taliban was blown up as a result of bombings. Monitoring Desk adds: Sources said that the bombing was due to a tip-off about the presence of 300 extremists holed up in the area. The dead included several commanders who were near an arms depot at the house of an extremist leader. Agencies add: Security forces killed several Taliban militants in attacks in tribal areas close to Afghan border, officials said. Jet planes bombed a hideout in the northwestern Swat valley, killing a large number of militants including two rebel commanders, officials said. The two rebel leaders killed in the airstrike were closely associated with pro-Taliban cleric Maulana Fazlullah, a security official said, adding an ammunition dump at the hideout had exploded. The official said that intelligence had indicated a large militant gathering in the area, a stronghold of extremists loyal to Fazlullah, who has declared a jihad or holy war against the government. Also in Swat on Sunday three militants and a soldier were killed in a Taliban attack on a security forces convoy, a separate security official said. The mountainous Swat valley was until last year was a popular tourists destination. Meanwhile, in the tribal district of Bajaur, which borders Afghanistan, a combined land and air assault killed at least 10 Al-Qaeda linked Taliban militants, officials said. The casualties occurred in fighting which began late Saturday after militants fired at troop positions, a security official told AFP. The United Nations refugee agency recently said almost 190,000 people had been displaced from the Bajaur region in recent fighting. Pakistan's military said in late September that the fighting had killed at least 1,000 militants since early August. After the bombing, furious tribesmen fired at American spy planes which were also flying over North Waziristan.