ISLAMABAD - Former President General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf would enter full-time politics through what his political associates termed as 'a proper channel' meaning thereby completing his two years' post retirement constitutional obligation as a government servant. Since his retirement as Chief of Army Staff on November 28, Pervez Musharraf was ought to wait for another 13 months even if he wishes to immediately enter the political arena, one of his top political associates told TheNation on condition of anonymity. "According to my information he is in no hurry to step into politics that too at the apex level. He was too happy and relaxed by spending the interim period with his family, friends and some foreign trips," the source said. About Musharraf's ongoing visit to Lahore and meetings with his friends and even voicing certain subtle opinions about the government performance and political scenario in and around the country, the source said he was under no bar to express his political viewpoint. "Doing full-time politics and expressing one's political opinion are two different things," the source said adding, "as a retired government servant he needs to complete two years after retirement for entering into full-time politics while he is not prohibited to express his vantage point under any law. Meanwhile political sources close to the former President revealed that Musharraf has in his mind a plan that envisages what they termed as unified All Pakistan Muslim League, merging back its various factions and excluding the Chaudrys. However, the sources said, Musharrif's confidants have welcomed his plan but with the amendment of rather banking on the Chaudhry's than excluding them. The sources also hinted at a tour d' world by Musharraf that could prolong for nearly a year wherein he would try to earn international fame by delivering lectures and meeting various leaders of global stature. For this purpose they said he had container load ready at the Islamabad Airport awaiting 'further instructions' of when and where to be shipped, the sources claimed. However, official sources were unable to confirm the presence of such a container at the airport belonging to the former President who had already made his plans to visit abroad.