ISLAMABAD - Despite repeated assertions by the management of NADRA to discourage the use of CNICs' photocopies, the frequent use of this practice in government, semi-government and private organisations speaks volumes of lack of coordination between the departments. A few months back, Chairman NADRA, Salim Moin had addressed a media briefing to clarify NADRA's position after a prominent newspaper had slammed the authority in its editorial, for inefficiency and incompetence. The Chairman had given a detailed briefing to the media regarding modernised steps that had been taken to increase the efficiency of NADRA, during the meeting. He had repeatedly asserted that NADRA is all set to weed out the use of photocopies of CNIC's in public dealing organisations. Different measures that the Chairman focussed upon to eradicate photocopy culture were the introduction of verisys, online verification, NADRA kiosks and e-facilities. The NADRA Chief had also revealed that use of photocopies had increased the ratio of bank frauds and other crimes since some famous bank frauds were carried out on the photocopies of national identity cards coupled with some other heinous crimes on fake identity cards. He had declared that the practice of online verification of ID cards would leave no room for the use of photocopies and the chances of misuse of CNICs would thus be minimised. However, the frequent use of ID cards' photocopies in government, semi-government as well as private organisations stands in stark contrast with the claims of the NADRA Chief. TheNation witnessed that all the key affairs regarding public dealing are based on photocopies. Masses are required to submit the photocopies of their computerised identity cards for official procedures in almost every department. Be it the claim of prize bonds at State Bank of Pakistan, registration of newly purchased cars, transfer of land, or purchase of mobile SIMs, sets. The photocopies of computerised national identity cards are frequently used at saving centres, foreign embassies, banks, cellular companies, excise and taxation departments, land revenue departments, Foreign Office, police stations, car leasing companies, insurance companies, educational institutions, courts and all the public dealing organisations, thus increasing the chances of frauds and misuse of CNIC's. Nabeel Najam, Deputy General Manager, Corporate and Media Affairs, NADRA when contacted by TheNation, stated that the Authority had adopted mandatory steps to discourage photocopy culture. "Verisys, kiosks, e-facilities and online verification are available at each and every leading organisation including leading banks, multinationals, cellular companies and several government organisation", he claimed adding that the authenticity of a national identity card can be ascertained by single touch button method in a few moments. In response to the query that frequent use of photocopies is being observed across the country he replied "One wonders why do these organisations resort to this practice when latest verification facilities are available to them", mentioning that NADRA has provided them all the latest facilities regarding verification and it is the duty of these organisations to avail them. But the officials of some leading banks including State Bank and some cellular companies have rejected the version of Nabeel Najam while deploring that online verification facilities available at their organisations remain inactive due to the problems with NADRA's server. "Whenever we try to verify a CNIC, we get to find that the e-link at NADRA's end is either down or the server is absent", they lamented while accusing NADRA of adopting a bureaucratic demeanour towards the matter. "The authority has introduced online verification devices as a publicity stunt but has actually forgotten to make them workable in real terms", deplored an executive of a leading cellular company who asked for his identity not to be unveiled. "Actions speak louder than words. Instead of making tall claims, NADRA must address its network related issues if it is interested to implement latest modes of verification" he suggested and added that use of photocopies cannot be reduced otherwise. Besides, the use of photocopies cannot be discouraged in several fields like courts, educational institutions where students have to submit copies of CNIC's of their parents for admissions and all other related fields. NADRA must provide verification facilities at every nook and corner of the country or otherwise, stop making false assertions to discourage photocopy culture, people suggested.