It seems that our prison reform programme is working miracles. A former boss of Islamic Investment Bank who served time, thanks to such irregularities such as the manner in which the Supreme Court account was acquired, he has now re-emerged as a born again banker with his professional abilities greatly enhanced. They say, friends in Islamabad are so impressed with this reincarnation that they actually offered him the ambassadorship to China. He declined the offer, letting it be known that he wants to remain in the money circles and that he would be satisfied with nothing less than the top job at the largest bank. We hear that he has been advised to wait till the Supreme Court proceedings reach a satisfactory conclusion and then indeed he would be the man to head NBP. Meanwhile another banker seems to have turned down a plum diplomatic assignment. According to Islamabad's grape vine M.B. Abbasi of the NDFC and PICIC background was offered the job of envoy to Iran. He turned it down instantly letting it be known that he was more suited to head the State Bank of Pakistan, should that vacancy arise in the near future. And we hear that the lady President of SBP is indeed thinking of calling it a day. She may be leaving for greener pastures at the Asian Development Bank or perhaps a fresh start at the World Bank, should the latter make her an offer she can't refuse. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Word has it that Punjab's Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, known as a Mr Fix-it in his home province, is proving to be effective even in another province. Apparently Shahbaz Junior is in the process of building his holiday home. On Friday the CM made a trip to Dunga Gali to monitor progress of the summer house. He happened to point out that the road leading up to the house needed widening.