NEW YORK - The Wall Street Journal, a widely-read American newspaper, has placed on its website the audio of relevant portions of the interview with President Asif Ali Zardari that generated controversy earlier this month, especially his reported remarks that militants operating in Indian occupied Kashmir were "terrorists". Information Minister Sherry Rehman and Pakistan's High Commissioner to UK Wajid Shamsul Hassan clarified the president's statements after publication of the interview on October 4, arguing mainly that the president had been quoted out of contest and his words distorted. The WSJ reproduced the key points made by the two Pakistani officials in an editorial published in its weekend edition. "Since the question of what exactly the president did or did not say is of intense interest to our media colleagues in India and Pakistan, we are posting audio clips of some of Mr Zardari's on-the-record remarks so that our readers can form their own opinions about exactly what the president intended to say", the newspaper said. The editorial was a bit unusual, as it did not express any opinion, suggesting to its readers to listen to President Zardari and judge for themselves whether he was accurately reported. Apart from calling militants in Jammu and Kashmir "terrorists", the President was also quoted by the newspaper on Oct 4 as saying that India has never been a threat to Pakistan.   Zardari was also quoted as saying that the US is carrying out Predator missile strikes on the Pakistani soil with his govt's consent. "We have an understanding, in the sense that we're going after an enemy together," he was reported to have said by WSJ.