KARACHI (Reuters) - Pakistans current account deficit for July-September narrowed to a provisional $545 million, compared with $587 million in the same period last year, the State Bank said on Tuesday. In September, the current account stood at a provisional surplus of $447 million, compared with a deficit of a $372 million in August, the State Bank of Pakistan said. The two main reasons for the surplus in September are an increase in private current transfers and a lower trade deficit, said Asif Qureshi, director at Invisor Securities Ltd. Pakistans trade deficit for September stood at $1.16 billion, compared with $1.24 billion in August. Analysts also said the main reason for the surplus could be the grants or private transfers sent to Pakistan following the floods. Current transfers is a one-way transfer, which means Pakistan would not have to return the money. They amounted to $1.457 billion in September, compared with $1.174 billion in August. The current account deficit for the fiscal year 2009/10 was $3.495 billion, compared with $9.261 billion in fiscal year 2008/09.