WASHINGTON (Agencies) - The US is bracing for a massive step up of airstrikes in Afghanistan with Defence Secretary Robert Gates ordering a second aircraft carrier into the Arabian Sea off the coast of Pakistan, a US media report said. USS Lincoln has been ordered to be deployed in the northern Arabian Sea apparently as part of moves to support a major offensive against Taliban in Afghanistan. The Lincoln will join a carrier already positioned in the area. Two carriers operating off the coast of Pakistan means about 120 aircraft available for missions over Afghanistan. And thats not counting US Air Force missions flown out of Bagram and Kandahar, CBS news reported. Although American commanders frequently say 'we cannot kill our way out of this war, that appears to be exactly what the US is doing - unleashing airstrikes and special operations raids against the Taliban in an effort to force them to the bargaining table, the news channel said. The CBS said that this is not likely to change the mind of the Taliban leadership, which remains safe in Pakistan, but Pentagon hopes that local commanders in Afghanistan will either come over to the government side or agree to ceasefire.