KARACHI - The stock market witnessed bearish activity Tuesday on institutional profit-taking, while limited foreign interest on global capital market uncertainty & uncertainty over the outcome of judicial hearing on the NRO cases after the PMs address to the nation played a catalyst role in negative activity in the earnings-announcement session. The KSE 100-index closed at 10,464.89 points with a loss of 19.50 points. The KSE 30-index closed at 10,055.39 with a loss of 29.35 points. The KMI 30-index closed at 16458.71 with a loss of 13.07 points. All shares index closed at 7284.16 with a loss of 17.30 points. The trading activity was minimal as compared to the last trading session as the ready market volume stood at 8.69 million as compared to the last trading sessions 10.304 million. Future market volume, however, stood at 2.05 million shares as compared to 2.45 million shares of the last trading session. Market capitalization stood over Rs 2.871 trillion. As many as 179 companies advanced, 200 declined and 31 remained unchanged. The highest volumes were witnessed in Lotte Pakistan at 6.96 million, closed at Rs.9.56 with a loss of Re. 0.10, followed by Fatima Fert Co at 6.00 million, closed at Rs. 9.60 with a gain of Rs. 1.05, and Fauji Fertilizer at 4.76 million, closed at Rs.30.13 with a gain of Rs. 0.44. The analysts said that investors remained cautious throughout the trading session despite good earnings announcement by PPL & expectation of early launch of MTS product. They added that almost all the sector stocks witnessed renewed buying interest presumably initiated and led by the local financial groups carrying the crown of being the most active participants, however, the gloomy economic, financial, political and law & order horizon did restrict the locals from actively participating in the ongoing traders rally. They further added that active participation by the local financial groups from both local as well as off-shore channels will continue to ensure short-term trading opportunities, that can be duly capitalised. Availability of flexible leverage is likely to allow local equities substantial increase in values, thereby keeping the assumptions of increase in turnover and market depth alive, subject to timely introduction without further amendments. They further said that, however, in this densely polluted economic, financial and various fronts in case of further stringent measures in the proposed MTS mainly on the exposure front will undoubtedly not only make the product dormant, the impact on the local bourse will be quite loud, since the ongoing attempt is the last ray of hope, in order to allow the local bourse to trade in a larger orbit with high probability of price discovery and greater depth.