LAHORE- Jamaat-i-Islami Secretary General Liaquat Baloch holds the coalition ruling Sindh responsible for the target killings of innocent people in Karachi. Addressing the central council of the Shabab i Milli at Mansoora, on Tuesday, he said that the PPP-MQM tussle was a mock-fight and the two parties were trying to deceive the masses through their hypocrisy. He said, the by-election on a provincial seat in Karachi, won by the MQM, had raised a big question mark about the Election Commissions independence as a party in the ruling alliance was providing proof of the MQMs terrorism, bogus voting and forgery. If the Election Commission was really independent, it should annul the bogus by-election, he said. Liaquat Baloch said incompetent, corrupt and self-centered ruling class was constantly pushing the country towards destruction and new crises were being created every day. The split mandate had become a means for securing ministries, protocol and VIP security. The JI leader said that a revolutionary change in the country could be brought about only by honest, patriotic and competent leadership. The masses, he said, must realize that if they continued to support the corrupt and insensitive politicians, the conditions in the country would further deteriorate. Liaquat Baloch termed the youth a great national asset upon which the countrys future rested. He deplored the youth were being pushed towards immorality and despondency, which would ultimately drive the younger generation away from democracy.