NEW YORK Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that the turmoil in Kashmir is the result of Indian occupation, not Pakistani intervention, and urged the United States to help settle the decades-old dispute. We urge the United States, a friend of both India and Pakistan, to do everything in its power to resolve this conflict; and remove one more source of Muslim discontent and anger, taking oxygen out of the terrorists fire, Qureshi said in a speech at the Harvard University Institute of Politics. More than 100 Kashmiris seeking freedom from India have been killed by Indian security forces during street confrontations since July. For decades India has tried to convince the world that unrest in Kashmir is a product of Pakistani intervention. But over the last year, over the last bloody months and weeks, everyone, including India, now understands that the insurrection in Kashmir and Jammu is a long neglected problem that is not caused by Pakistani intervention, but rather Indian occupation, the Foreign Minister said. Pakistan, he said, views the prevailing situation in the Occupied Kashmir with grave concern. Men and women of good will, in both India and Pakistan, know that this issue must be addressed once and for all if the Kashmir time bomb was to be defused, Qureshi said. On its part, Pakistan is willing to engage India in a comprehensive dialogue to normalise relations between the two countries, by finding amicable solution to all outstanding issues, including the core dispute of Jammu and Kashmir.