SRINAGAR (AFP) - A clash between police in Occupied Kashmir and protesters who defied a curfew to demonstrate against the arrest of an anti-Indian leader left 16 people injured Tuesday. Masarat Alam, 44, who is known for his fiery denunciations of Delhi, was arrested by police on Monday in Srinagar, after evading capture for four months. Thousands of security forces Tuesday implemented a strict curfew in parts of Kashmir to try to pre-empt protests over Alams arrest. Police said in northern Baramulla district dozens of protesters defied a curfew and clashed with police. A police spokesman said, Eleven policemen, including three officers, and five protesters were injured during the clash, adding that police fired teargas and rubber bullets to disperse the demonstrators, who retaliated by hurling stones. The situation remained by and large normal in other parts of Kashmir, the spokesman said. Meanwhile, a 24-hour standoff between troops and an injured suspected freedom fighter who was holed up inside a mosque ended Tuesday with his death, police said. Police said repeated attempts to persuade the freedom fighter to surrender had failed. He took refuge in the mosque early on Monday, having been injured in a gunbattle with Indian troops. He died of the injuries he had sustained during the encounter. The mosque was not stormed by the troops nor was any fire directed at the religious structure, a police officer said, wishing to remain anonymous. The gunbattle outside the mosque in the northern district of Bandipora had left another suspected freedom fighter dead.