LAHORE - The Punjab Assembly members on Tuesday expressed mixed opinion over a resolution demanding ban on some Indian channels, and finally voted it out through voice vote, as majority did not support it on the plea that it would harm sentiments of the minorities living here. The mover, Samina Khawar Hayat of PML-Q stated in her resolution that some Indian TV channels like Pogo and cartoon network were inculcating Hindu customs, religion and civilisation in the minds of children under the garb of entertainment, and hence they should be banned. Surprisingly, she found a few supporters in a House of 371, as majority of the members who expressed their views on the subject opposed the resolution giving various reasons. Opposing the resolution, some legislators also pointed out moral deterioration in society and the dual standards of people, stressing that it would be of no use to ban Indian channels unless we give our children the right kind of education. Hassan Murtaza of PPP while opposing the resolution enumerated a number of vulgar Pakistani songs being aired on our TV channels and sung in City theatres. He made all the members laugh, including the Deputy Speaker, Rana Mashhood Ahmad, who was in the chair at that time, by narrating opening lines of some of the offensive indigenous songs. The songs referred to by Murtaza cannot be mentioned here as they were so vulgar and could only be described on Assembly floor. He asked the chair if latest tunes and lines of these songs were of Indian origin? Dont they corrupt the minds of youth? Rai Aslam Kharal pleaded that passage of such resolution from Punjab Assembly would hurt sentiments of minorities. Pointing towards Pakistani flag inside the House, Kharal said that white colour in our national flag symbolised minorities and hence we were duty bound to allow the minorities to lead their lives according to their religion and culture. Sheikh Alauddin opposed the resolution pointing out double standards in our society. He said it was strange to see that women who had developed strong liking for Indian jewellery, cosmetics, clothes and dry fruit (Kajoo), were talking of banning Indian channels. He said 'We must end this hypocrisy. Sajida Mir said that people seeking ban on Indian channels would some day also demand demolition of Hindu temples and Sikh Gurdwaras taking the same plea that they were spreading Hindu and Sikh culture in the country. From amongst the lady legislators, Amna Ulfat, Tayyaba Zamir and Seemal Kamran spoke in favour of the motion, saying it was necessary to take such a step to save minds of children from influence of Hindu culture and religion. Khawaja Imran Nazir and Asghar Munda also supported it. Interestingly, Deputy Speaker, Rana Mashhood also spoke against the resolution, which was defeated by majority vote when he put the resolution to vote. It is customary that Chair does not express its opinion on any issue being debated in the House, though it is not binding on the Chair to remain neutral.