LAHORE - Members Punjab Assembly, PPPs in particular, came hard on medias one group, demanding probe into the assets of the mediamen, and market shares of the groups. If the elected representatives can be made accountable on all accounts, then there must be a process to probe the media organisations, averred Azma Zahid Bokhari in continuation of what came to halt on Monday the last when her senior colleague Raja Riaz Ahmed had accused anchorpersons of being Indian agents. Azma Bokhari took the fight to next level by asserting that an Indian company has its share in the media group. Azma Bokhari drew the attention of the house about the suspension of 71 MPAs for not declaring their assets. She said that if the parliamentarians were bound to declare their assets then the media groups should follow the same rules. She claimed that the Indian company Bajaj has good number of share in this media group that was aiming for the political destabilisation and uncertainty in the country. She said that the self-claimed star anchors and journalists enjoying luxuries should also submit details of their assets. She said those who just had a motorbike few years back, were travelling in luxurious vehicles. From where they got all the properties, she questioned. She said neither the judiciary nor the journalists should be exempted from accountability. She said the accountability of personalities and media groups be done on merit and this issue be taken seriously to know that who was investing and for what purpose. 'We dont mind our accountability and similarly the media people should not consider themselves above the law, she said. Senior Minister Raja Riaz said he stood by his words spoken against anchorpersons and a reporter. He said that PPP tolerated propaganda against the President but now those considering themselves maker or breakers would realize their value. Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said that 'we should give respect to all the institutions including media, judiciary and parliament. He said it would be unfair to blame the institutions for few personalities. He said if allegations were levelled against a specific person and about a specific issue, the parliament should also ask that person to explain his position. He said that everyone has the right of self-defence but institutions should not be used for this purpose. Who stops us from making a law for carrying out accountability on merit, he said. He suggested that the parliamentarians should not avoid their responsibilities and clear their position instead of adding fuel to the fire. Iqtidar Gilani