LAHORE - High command of PML-Q has advised various tiers of its leadership to stay under the wings of the party if they desire a better 'political bargain in the fast changing political scenario, especially in the backdrop of efforts for a larger alliance among various factions of Muslim Leagues, The Nation has learnt. This newest development came after the meeting of two PML-Q senators, Tariq Azeem and SM Zafar with the PML-N leadership. Insiders in PML-Q privy to the developments regarding the new political manoeuvring of their partys top leadership told this scribe on Tuesday that they advised the second-line leadership that the time has come for the PML-Q to play its cards smartly and a little patience could bring 'news of happiness for them in any upcoming political set up, as the PML-Q was a major political force in Punjab and 'meaningful faction of the Muslim League equivalent to PML-N. Top leadership of PML-Q advised their members of Parliament, Senate and provincial assemblies that PML-N were making bids to getting loyalties of their party men in small groups, which in no way would be beneficial for the party members who would opt for this disgraceful option, while by making a political bargain from a single platform would enhance their bargaining strength 'much much better, informed the insiders. Senator Kamil Ali Agha, central secretary information PML-Q when contacted, he while partially confirming the information of this reporter claimed that PML-N leadership fearing the likely comeback of several members of PML-Q forward bloc and Like-Minded leaders to the ranks of their real party had staged a photo session with Senators - Tariq Azeem and SM Zafar. However, the real instigator of the recent meeting with PML-N leadership was Senator Tariq Azeem, which he accused had some personal business concerns that included Tariq in the network of PML-N for quite sometime. He further claimed that the recent meeting of two PML-Q Senators with PML-N leadership was just to block the return of forward bloc and Like-Minded members to the ranks of PML-Q, however this move would not prove long-lasting, as several members of forward bloc had the realization that they could not become part of any major 'political bargain if they remain in the 'basket of Mian Atta Maneka. When asked to name some of the members of forward bloc who were in contact with PML-Q for return, he said that the names of the stated members would be made public soon in a show of strength by the party. Kamil asserted that the fears of the PML-N leadership regarding the growing influence of PML-Q started with party chief Chaudary Shujaats meeting with PML (Functional) head Pir of Pagaro sometime back and the PML-N had started efforts to create dents among the ranks of PML-Q.