LAHORE - The Opposition led by vocal legislator Mohsin Khan Leghari created embarrassing situation for the Treasury by saying a 'big no during the voting process at the Punjab Assembly floor on Tuesday, forcing the Deputy Speaker to reject the resolution moved by Sheikh Allauddin. An 'interesting situation was created at the fag end when the Speaker asked the legislators favouring the resolution to say yes. The Treasury legislators, though more in number than the Opposition, uttered a feeble yes. However, on their turn, the Opposition legislators cried 'no. Deputy Speaker Rana Mashood, who earlier rejected the resolution of Mohsin Leghari on the basis of voice, was left with no other option except to announce same fate for the resolution of Allauddin. The PA could not pass any of the six resolutions of public interest during private member day on Tuesday. One resolution of the Treasury and two of the Opposition were rejected, one was requested for pending while another moved by an Opposition lady was withdrawn. The Deputy Speaker referred the resolution of Treasury member Khawaja Islam regarding imposition of ban on sale of 'gutka to the House committee. Allauddin moved a resolution to suspend assembly rules for taking up the matter of public interest out of turn. He was of the view that two weekly offs at financial institutions and banks were causing huge public inconvenience. He suggested that the Federal government be asked for reducing the weekly holidays. Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said that the government was ready to refer the matter to the House committee for further deliberation. However, the mover hardly got any vocal support from the Treasury, causing the chair to reject the resolution. Earlier, the same thing happened to the resolution of Mohsin Leghari regarding giving compensation to the loss of crop during devastating floods, economic support to the growers for sowing the next crop and provision of fertilizers and seeds. Food Minister Malik Nadeem Kamran said that there was no need of any resolution, as the government had already been striving to give relief to the affected growers. Allauddin said that passage of resolution would mean that the government did nothing on the issue. The Treasury legislators suggested the mover to bring a slight change in the resolution so that it could attract an approval. Leghari also said that the decisions should be taken on the Assembly floor and not in meetings of the Chief Minister with a few bureaucrats. During the voting process, the Treasury though less in number outsmarted the Opposition by saying full throat no. The chair passed the ruling that the House has rejected the resolution. After heated debate on the resolution moved by Oppositions Samina Khawar Hayat regarding imposition of ban on carton network, pogo channels and such programmes promoting Indian culture, the house rejected the motion. Samina said that cartoon network and pogo channels were promoting Indian culture and be banned forthwith. Allauddin said that banning of channels was not a solution to the prevailing problems. He said that the parents should not let their children watch such programmes. Nighat Nasir was of the view that the mothers should give proper care and time to their children. Samina Naveed said that the members should take notice of vulgar songs and dances being presented in stage dramas. The chair referred the resolution regarding imposing ban on use of gutka to the House committee. Seemal Kamran asked the chair for pending the resolution regarding taking measures to generate cheap electricity from gas turbines. Oppositions Humaira Awais Shahid withdrew her resolution regarding introduction of interest-free banking system in the province after the Law Minister asked her to come up with detailed mechanism of such banking system.