LAHORE - Justice Tariq Javed of Lahore High Court while dismissing a petition filed by Sui Northern Gas Company Limited observed that the petitioner is not authorised to cut gas supply invoking clause 26 of the contract, in case the property is sold out or ownership is changed. The court observed that natural gas, electricity and telephone are the basic necessities of life and right of the citizens. In case the ownership of a property changes, the new buyer automatically authorised to enjoy such facilities. The court also learnt that nothing was shown in this regard that the property owner had even intended to revoke the contract so there is no question left of cutting the gas supply of the house. The utility services are right of everyone and providing the same through the state owned corporations or private body is an undeniable right of the citizens, the court observed. On the clause 26 of the contract, on which the company had heavily relied to deny supply to the new owner, the court said it was one of those meaningless clauses which are often entered into contract for provision of services. This clause should be declared null, the court said. The court further said that terms and conditions of this clause cannot be constructed so as to give authority to the supplier to disconnect its services to the consumers and leave them at their mercy.