Senior officials from Pakistan and the US will open the bilateral strategic dialogue today (Wednesday) in an attempt to put their crisis-prone relationship back on track. The dialogue comes after the latest US drive to win over hearts and minds in Pakistan faced quick setbacks. Pakistan, incensed by a Nato helicopter drifting into its territory and killing two Pakistani soldiers, closed the main land route for Afghan war supplies through the Khyber Pass. Adamant, Pakistan reopened the crossing only after the US apologised for the killings 11 days later. Nato officials said the incursion was an accident caused by ambiguous borders. Speaking at Harvard University on Monday, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, praised Americas flood aid, but admitted the relationship had gone two steps back following the helicopter attack and relentless US drone strikes. We are an ally, not a satellite, Qureshi said. We have to protect our borders you have to respect our sovereignty.