SUKKUR - A meeting of different trade organisations was held under the chair of President All Sukkur Small Traders and Cottage Industries, Haji Muhammad Haroon Memon at its Central Secretariat on Tuesday. Addressing the meeting, Haji Muhammad Haroon Memon said that our organisation was struggling against the GST, since 2001. He said that the GST was already being charged from the citizens on electricity bills, Sui gas bills and other daily use items as well as food items. He strongly condemned the proposed imposition of Reformed GST and Flood Tax by the Provincial Govt and termed it Ghunda Tax. He said that the imposition of flood tax on traders would be injustice with them, adding that millions of people were affected due to floods in Sindh and now the flood tax was also being imposed upon those people. He said that the trader community and rich men of Sindh extended special care to the flood-affected people which was an example, adding that, if these would not come forward to help the helpless flood victims, the situation would be very critical and thousands could die due to hunger while several others could die from different diseases. He advised the rulers to curtail their expenses instead of implementing on the agenda of IMF. Talking about the law and order situation, Haji M Haroon Memon said that the trade community was facing problems of poor law and order situation. He demanded of increase of police contingent in police stations as well as increase of patrolling of police in the city for the safety and security of traders and the citizens. The meeting was attended by trade leaders including Asif Ghouri, Haji M Sabir, Muhammad Tahir Khan, Fayaz Khan, and others.