LAHORE - Hundreds of traffic police wardens, a force created during the tenure of former Punjab chief minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi and initially equipped with fluorescent rods (handheld illuminated beacons) to lessen the traffic mess during night time, are discharging their duties without such devices in four leading cities of the province, TheNation has reliably learnt here. They were equipped with red battery-powered rods to control traffic at night particularly during power outages. Interestingly, the handheld illuminated system was operating properly during absence of loadshedding but now when the power cuts have become a routine matter, these rods are out of order. Majority of these rods are now placed in the storerooms of the duty officers. Moreover, none of the high ups is ready to take pain to turn these rods into working condition, which put wardens lives at risk. MULTAN: The system was not even introduced in Multan since the Traffic Force was established in the city of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on April 2, 2006. Power outage in Multan is being observed for more than three hours, a warden said. Official figure says almost 630 wardens including 30 female were inducted in first phase in Multan but 22 male traffic wardens resigned from the jobs due to various reasons. He claimed during power outages, sensitive points in Multan including Lorry Adda, Chowk Kumhranwala, Bahauddin Zikriya University stop, Harram Gate, Chungi No-9, Aziz Hotel Stop and other areas presented a deserted look and none of the wardens wish to be deputed at such points due to darkness. Despite repeated calls, Multan Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) SSP Malik Yousuf switched off his mobile phone. FAISALABAD: Almost all of the 200 battery-powered fluorescent rods provided to the force are out of order in a short span of time, mainly due to lack of upkeep in Faisalabad. The warden system was introduced in Faisalabad on March 20, 2008, with over 1,000 male and female wardens. LAHORE: Out of total 250 illuminated rods provided to 3,400 wardens deputed in 34 sectors of Lahore, only 100 rods are in working condition. A warden deployed on The Mall said a DO furnished them with these rods early on every morning besides assigning them duty points. Most of the rods became out of the order couple of months later since the system was introduced, he added. The CTO Lahore Cap (r) SSP Syed Ahmed Mobin said that almost 150 dysfunctional rods were being repaired and all the 250 beacon rods would be operational within next 15 days. The SSP also said as Lahore was the City of lights and power outages was also observed minimum on signalling points but the importance of rods could not be ignored. RAWALPINDI: Sources claimed that 60 out of 110 illuminated rods provided to 1,210 traffic wardens in 11 sectors of Rawalpindi are now dysfunctional. The CTO Rawalpindi SSP Dr Farooq Azam also did not bother to pay heed despite repeated requests by this scribe.