Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhrys remarks that the style in which state institutions are being run is a damning indictment of the standard of governance in general and administrative capability in particular. The backdrop to this utterance was the Chief Justices dissatisfaction over the non-payment of salaries to teachers of pilot colleges in Punjab and also the plight of the Railway employees. He has ordered that the teachers be paid their salaries, immediately. His summation that if the government could not protect the fundamental rights of the people, it is the same as meaning that it has failed in its basic duty. On the other side of the spectrum, PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif seemed equally frustrated at the vacuum created by the government playing the giddy goat at virtually every front of governance. He has pledged that he would liberate the people of Sindh from the clutches of daku raj (robbers rule) as well as the people of the country from the menace of corruption. His audience were the flood affected people of Shahdapur, Sindh. It has been observed that when it comes to protecting its own skin, the government and the Ministers spring into action. But when it comes to carrying out the job of serving the public for which it has been voted into power, it only shows the worst kind of procrastination. The problem has been complicated, given how the culture of corruption and cronyism has been nurtured. In gross disregard to merit, the blue-eyed boys up on the hill, are running all major state organs and have deprived them of the potential to generate billions of rupees. And since these cronies are themselves errant, they tend to rely on those of their ilk. It is no wonder corruption and mismanagement are the order of the day. The federal dispensation should hang its head in shame at its conduct, because it is no less a person than Chief Justice Chaudhry, who clearly hinted that the government has failed. It is not hard to guess why institutions reaping huge financial profits only a few years back have been turned into white elephants. Pakistan is in the eye of the storm and has become an institutional graveyard. The government must play its role to pull it out of the prevailing chaotic phase. The sooner it sees the writing on the wall the better. The signs of a dangerous revolution are in front of them to see, if only they would open their eyes.