KARACHI - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has declared that by-elections will be held if the political opponents resigned from their assembly seats to achieve their political motives. The time is to lower down the political temperature and work unitedly for the welfare of the people instead of slinging mud on each other or adopt confrontationists' policies. He was talking to media at the Governor's House here on Wednesday after inaugurating the 6th Expo Pakistan. He said that people never like the repetition of politics of 80s when the parties had followed policies to bring each other down. Time warrants that politicians should show more maturity, wisdom and pragmatism to steer the country out of prevailing crises it has been facing, he stressed. He said it was time to bring down political temperature which was important to bring stability to the country and to resolve the problems facing by the people. PM Gilani warned that the people would not support and any unconstitutional steps. Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said that MQM was a reality and the government respects its mandate. The MQM is our coalition partner and part of the cabinet so being allies it is duty of both to support each other, he added. He welcomed the statement of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain who had pledged to foil conspiracies against democracy and democratic set up. Addressing the inaugural ceremony of 6th Expo Pakistan, PM Gilani declared the year 2010-2011, as the Year of Exports and said that it was most gratifying that we achieved the milestone of US dollar 25 billion exports this year. Of course, it was made possible through the combined efforts of the public and private sector and in this regard I would like to compliment the Ministry of Commerce and the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan. He congratulated all the stakeholders whose collective efforts have made the govt proud in making this year truly the Year of Exports. We do realize the hardships of the business communities who are facing severe problems in the face of energy outages and still they have outperformed. It is the ingenuity and hard work of the Pakistani entrepreneurs that made the difference, he added. The Prime Minister said that the democratic government was fully cognizant of these difficulties and was taking appropriate steps to overcome all such problems to facilitate the undertaking of businesses in the country. He said that he had performed the ground-breaking of Daimer-Basha Dam which would not only add 4500 megawatts to the national grid, but also provide a solution in controlling the floods and also provide sufficient water to irrigated country's vast cultivable lands. "On the global scene, a major shift is surely but steadily taking place through economic redistribution amongst the world community. Most observers agree that economic gaps between the West and the Asian economies are shrinking to the advantage of Asia. In particular, our neighbours, especially China, are seen as the engine of growth for the world economy in the coming decades. They are heading with nearly double-digit growth rates bringing millions of their citizens out of the shackles of poverty as their economies generate wealth at a worth mentioning pace, he added. Prime Minister Gilani said that in Pakistan, the growth rate is not at a desirable level due to multiple problems. However, this year's remarkable growth in exports is a testimony to the great potential of our export sector which demonstrates the country's capability and indeed refutes the notion of sluggish economy. It clearly establish the resilience of our businessmen and of the economy, he added. He said the leaders of our industry help lead our country on the path of prosperity, it is imperative that we provide them the most effective and timely support for making businesses more competitive and attractive. In this regard, the President and I have been emphasizing Pakistan needs Trade Not Aid.