A corruption free and efficient judicial system is must for rule of law said the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammamd Chaudhry while talking to a delegation of Islamabad High Court Bar Association here in Islamabad Thursday. The delegation was headed by its President, Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Gujjar and consisting other office bearers and members. Extolling the services rendered by Islamabad Bar for their profession, The CJP added that Islamabad Bar is an active, experienced, committed and professional body which played a vital role for the achievement of the cause of independence of judiciary, supremacy of Constitution and Rule of law in our country. He said their services and sacrifices will always be remembered and will be guiding the new generations to stand by the judiciary in time of need. His lordship further added that alongwith Islamabad District Bar, Islamabad High Court Bar will also be treated as the Bar of the Supreme Court. Further, appreciating the role of young lawyers during the days of movement, his lordship said that the youngsters played a pivotal role for the cause of the justice, independence of judiciary and Rule of law. The delegation apprised the Chief Justice about their problems like shortage of chambers, shortage of judges, shortage of reference books at bar library, non-availability of canteen in court premises and shifting of court building to NIRC building etc. The Chief Justice assured them to take up the matter with concerned authorities. Moreover, they also put forward some suggestions on some legal issues. The Honble Chief Justice assured them to discuss them at the National Judicial Policy Making Committee (NJPMC). The members of Bar appreciated CJPs struggles and efforts. They also appreciated taking up of suo moto action to recover plundered national wealth from the corrupt. They resolved to eradicate corruption from judiciary as well. They also discussed with the Chief Justice, issues and matters of interest of the legal/judicial fraternity and apprised his lordship that they are extending interaction with counterpart Bars of the Muslim countries like Kuala Lumpur and Ankara Bar. The Chief Justice also suggested them to extend invitations to Bars of SAARC countries. The delegation informed his lordship that they are appreciative of his lordship for extending support and patronizing Islamabad Bar. They assured the Chief Justice of their full support and cooperation. They expressed the hope that the administration of justice needs his bold and firm leadership and motivation to deliver justice to the public at large. They said that the public have reposed great confidence in the judiciary. They also invited Chief Justice of Pakistan to visit Islamabad High Court Bar. His lordship conveyed his gratitude, extended his thanks and assured to visit them in the near future.