I dont speak about the never-ending sorrows and sufferings of last years flood victims in Sindh who are still leading the lives of refugees and nomads in their own home province. I speak for the ten million people who have become the victim of bureaucrats and technocrats created disaster in twenty one districts of Sindh province. Much more was heard about their rescue and relief efforts in various television talk shows a few weeks ago but nothing is being heard about their pitiable plight nowadays in any television talk show. Nothing is being done to alleviate their miseries. People are virtually dying, especially, the newborns and innocent children, pregnant women and elderly people. This is morally and socially unforgivable, and the rulers and other people who have a say in governance will have to pay a heavy price for this unforgivable negligence and callousness. The plight of victims reminds me the golden words of King Edwards who once said, Two sorts of people can damage a society. First, those who do not know and talk and secondly, those who know and do not talk. Is there anyone to reflect on this thought and advocate the plight of the rain victims so that they may be saved from the cruel clutches of premature death and destruction? HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, October19.