LAHORE About half of the 20,000 Yellow Cab winners in Punjab are likely to be disqualified by the District Scrutiny Committees for filing wrong information to obtain taxies, TheNation has learnt. The scrutiny process in all the districts will complete within two weeks, but the official sources revealed here on Wednesday that about 50 per cent of the winners had filed fake information at the time of filing their applications. The Punjab government had earmarked these Cabs for the unemployed youth of the province. The DSCs are working in every district of the province to check the data filed by the winners. We fear that about 9,000 applicants who had won the taxis through computerised balloting would be disqualified for filing wrong information regarding their degrees, age limit and driving licences, the rightly placed sources told this scribe. The DSC, according to the officials, in every district is comprised of reputed persons within the district including a social worker, student, DCO and two senior officers. A rejected winner can challenge his/her rejection in Grievance Redressal Committee if they find themselves qualified and have any objections regarding the DSCs decision, said the sources. It is learnt the GRC is also comprised of senior retired and working officials including reputed retired judges and senior bureaucrats. It is worth to mention here that taxies delivery is going to start in Multan, DG Khan and Rawalpindi from Friday (October 21). Driving training of the winners has already started in various districts. The drivers would be given compulsory training by the experts of Daewoo, Motorway Police, NLC and Punjab Police. Furthermore, background discussions with the various officials of Transport Department raise a big question over the process adopted by the Punjab government regarding the scheme. Yes, all the districts had to complete the security process before forwarding some 67,000 applications for balloting instead of starting scrutiny of the winning candidates now, said a high official when asked about the process adopted by the provincial government. On the other side the Punjab government has yet to announce that what would be the criteria for delivering the cabs which would be left after the completion of scrutiny.