MIRPUR (AJK) - The visiting UK-based Chairman of International Committee of the Jammu & Kashmir People's National Party Nazeerul Haq Naazish here on Wednesday called for infusing complete unanimity and cohesion among the people of Jammu & Kashmir to reach to their ultimate destination of the globally-acknowledged right to self-determination entirely in line with their aspirations. Talking to reporters here Naazish, the founding member of J&K PNP said that series of ideologies authored by the vested interest Kashmiri politicians about the fate of the internationally-recognised disputed Himalayan state of Jammu & Kashmir since over last six decades have badly shattered the basic spirit of Kashmir cause by primarily putting the people of the state into long-term chaos and uncertainty about their future. Advocating for the early formation of united front of Kashmiris, Naazish said that since the state of Jammu & Kashmir is a multi-ethnic, religious and linguistic entity, it is therefore imperative that the intended United Front must be based the idea of a secular nationalism. Naazish called upon all the secular nationalist groups, who are not affected and infected by the infiltrations of the agencies, to form a United Front, around a minimum programme. "The precondition of such a formation is that it must be ideologically, politically and financially independent. Elaborating, Naazish observed as saying "the recent history of national liberation movements informs us that the struggle for national independence or liberation from occupying forces necessitates formation of a united front". "Whether it is Algerian war of independence from French colonialism or Vietnam War of national liberation from American Imperialism, the liberation movements were only successful by forming alliances of a divers and different national parties and groups on one platform under a united front," he added. Nazir Naazish said that the reunification of the disintegrated state of Jammu & Kashmir and its independence, as aspired and striven by various nationalist parties and groups, who are as divided and fragmented as the object of their political passion and an ultimate destiny, cannot escape this material historical reality and a prerequisite for achieving their goal of national liberation: formation of a united national front. He said that the geographical / regional, ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of the divided state of Jammu Kashmir is historically reflected in the evolution of political movements in its various parts. "The nationalists are those across the divided parts, whom I classify as secular nationalists the aims and objectives of whose political struggle include the reunification of all the divided parts under an independent and unified state", he said adding "in other words they aim to restore the lost sovereignty of the state Jammu Kashmir". They include JK Plebiscite Front, JK Liberation League, The section of JK Liberation Front, and the elements of JK National Liberation Front. He maintained that the ruling elites in the sub continent have historically, since 1947, successfully exploited the rifts amongst the ranks of nationalist across the divided lines. "In addition to the power hungry and corrupt Kashmiri elites in Srinagar and Muzaffarabad (represented by JK National Conference Democratic Party in Srinagar, and JK Muslim Conference in AJK) who, with varying degree, have willingly accepted the role of clients to their respective Masters," he observed. He further said that the successive governments in the region have also planted their political proxies in both divided parts of the State (the Congress Party and BJP in Indian occupied Kashmir for example, and PPP, MQM and Muslim League-N in AJK, he added.