NANKANA SAHIB - The Kissan Board Pakistan on Wednesday unanimously adopted a resolution at its annual district meeting, demanding the government to take stern action against 'mafias' who have been busy in the exploitation of poor farmers at Grain Market Morkhunda and other grain markets of the district. As per detail, the annual district meeting of Kissan Board was held here with its Central President Sardar Zafar Hussain. Kissan Board District chapter officer-bearers including President Muhammad Sarwar Bhatti, General Secretary Rai Shaukat Bhatti and several other members participated in the meeting. The participants of the meeting appealed to the government to ensure proper rate through public announcement of the rice petty which weight of two empty jute / plastic bag must be considered and deducted one and half kg like traditional practice at other grain markets of the district and country instead of 2kg. They also demanded that Rice Petty Commission must be established in District Nankana. Timeframe for the crops payment must be fixed to stop further exploitation of the poor and deserving farmers," they further urged. The KBP leaders also demanded in the meeting that availability of the fertilizers and urea must be made possible at control rate without extra price and its black marketing be discouraged to provide relief to the growers. On the occasion, they also urged the participation to attend the rally scheduled for November 03, in Sangla Hill, in great number to make a success. The participants of the meeting passed unanimous resolutions, demanding the government to stop the middlemen (Arti) at Grain Market Morkhunda from getting 3 per cent commission from the farmers instead of 2 per cent. If the government fails to halt the exploitation of farmers at the hands of middlemen they will compel to resort to a massive protest across the province to protect their rights," they warned.